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I’m Matt Aninos, proud owner of Can Do Home Inspections LLC.

I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

I’m a Navy guy through and through, and I wanted to utilize the Navy experience I gained while serving for twenty-eight years in the Naval Construction Forces (U.S. Navy Seabees) to provide a service that people could benefit from.

I was looking for a way to help give them a better understanding of the systems in their homes and how to maintain them, problem areas to be aware of, issues that need to be corrected and items that needed regular service. At the same time, I wanted to help them save money, protect their investment and keep their family safe. Establishing Can Do Home Inspections LLC helped me fulfill this desire to help people.

I’ve been in the home inspection business for a year now. However, I’ve inspected multi-million dollar facilities in the Navy for many years, and the success of this company so far is directly attributed to that career. I know exactly what to look for, and I can tell what is right and what is not.

In such a business, the makings of an excellent inspector are punctuality, attention to detail, honesty, integrity and holding high standards for quality work. I believe these qualities, instilled in me in the Navy, have set me apart from the rest.

This first year has been spent on really trying to find the right channel to get my services to the people who need them. I understand that in this day and age, a large amount of promotion is done on social media. But I believe that nothing speaks louder than a good referral from a former client.

The thing I most enjoy about my job is working with new people every day. I enjoy sharing my findings with my clients and discussing with them what is wrong and how to make it right. The philosophy I use with every client actually is to listen to them, understand their priorities and spend extra time to ensure they’re equipped with everything they need to know. I believe this leads to good relationships and trust most of all. It gives me immense satisfaction when they trust me to help them make a decision on a large pending purchase.

The most rewarding part of owning the business is having control of my schedule so I can spend time with my family when needed. As a result, when I am not at work, I spend quality time with them. I also like to keep fit, whether it’s running, biking or swimming. And being the kind of guy I am, who enjoys working with his hands, I like to rebuild and work on old cars, and I even continue to work on my own house!

I’m also a spiritual person and strive to further my walk with God. I also try to be the best example of Him to others and get better at that every day.

I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.

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